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Vanik Council’s new Befriending service to the community

Please read the following and answer the short survey questions by clicking the buttons below:


With Covid-19 and lockdown combined it is evident it has taken a considerable toll on mental health of all ages, and we want to signpost support and raise awareness within the Vanik community.

This questionnaire is not only for the purpose of helping the lonely, isolated and sick people but also to recruit volunteers, so please bear this aspect in mind when completing the form.

All feedback and information you provide will be handled with great care, confidentiality and utilised with the purpose of the best outcome occurring for you and your loved ones. 

•   Vanik Council UK is proposing to run a pilot study to provide “Befriending Service” for the Vanik community. This pilot study will cover areas in North and North-West London where Vaniks are situated.  

•   Befriending is providing companionship and a listening ear. This will be a service for all ages and stages of life; for people in a range of circumstances such as the elderly, vulnerable and those who are experiencing loneliness or social isolation.

•   The aim of this service is to provide regular social contact to lonely adults; social and religious care to people suffering long term illnesses; give support to and signpost people with mental health issues to the appropriate agencies and to safeguard vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect. 

•   Who will benefit from this service? The whole Vanik community, which includes the Jain and Hindu Vaniks, men and women in their homes and care homes, lonely adults, elderly, and young living with family or alone. In addition to this, we intend to provide spiritual and religious provision for those Jain and Hindus who are sick. This includes those suffering with mental illnesses and safeguarding vulnerable adults. 


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                                         Thank you


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