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A Jain perspective on organ donation

Is organ donation permitted in Jainism?

Jains believe that karma decides which way the soul will go in the next life, and that the soul and the body are two separate entities.

It is thought that the greatest thing one can do in this life is making the gift of life to help another person live a better life.

"It is very nobel to donate the organs of your body. It helps the survival of another human who will cherish his or her life."

"For Jains after death the soul departs, and the body is no use to anyone and therefore donating organs of your body to other human life will mean doing a great deed on your part."

                                           - Nilesh Bhagwanji Shah, OAUK Hon. President

"The Jain faith is centred around the belief in 'Ahimsa', which translates into a non-violent, compassionate attitude to all life.

"We firmly believe in reincarnation, and that the soul with us migrates to another body upon death.

"As Jains, we believe that if through organ donation we can give others a better, more meaningful life, especially after our death, then we should both wholeheartedly embrace this and also encourage others to do it."

          - Nemubhai Chandaria- Chairman - Board of Directors, Institute of Jainology



"Jain scriptures explain that upon death, the soul ends all its bonds with the body it had been in. "The body, now dead, is cremated reducing it to ashes. All useful organs are thus wasted. "Removal of organs from the dead body does not affect the soul’s new body.


"We shall while alive, decide to make beneficial use of our body parts that our soul will leave behind. This can be done by donating our organs.

"Organ donation fits perfectly well with the Jain principles of Ahimsa (non-Violence/saving lives) and Daya, Karuna, Anukampa (compassion).

"Let us pledge, 'Give a gift, give an organ'."

                                                  - Manhar Mehta, Chairman, Vanik Council UK


Click the link, to view further information on Organ Donation

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