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Organ donation Promotion


Organ donor numbers within the BAME community are very low. NHSBT in association with various BAME organisations have decided to launch a campaign to engage these communities to come forward and register for organ donation. Jain Community is encouraged to participate in this compassionate organ donation. Our leaders are fully supportive of this project and we invite you to read their messages.


NHSBT Community Investment Scheme Project 1 -  Give a gift, give an organ

NHSBT invited bids from these communities for funding their respective campaigns. Vanik Council (UK) was successful in receiving this funding and engaged on campaigning for organ donations, particularly donation of kidney.


We are campaigning for organ donations and transplants within the Jain community nationally and encouraging our affiliated organisations to engage in spreading the message across our community. 

In order to raise awareness directly with our community, we arranged a number of conferences through which we could promote living organ donation. During 2017-2018 we held four events and in 2018-2019, we held conferences in Manchester, Leicester, Crawley and in North West London. During these events, we invited a GPs, Living Donor Coordinator, kidney surgeon/consultant, Dietician (targeted to vegetarians), NBTA Honorary President and community leaders. The presentations/stories from donors/recipients were followed with a Question and Answer session.1. On 9 June 2019, a gathering of our community members took place at Navnat Centre, Hayes at which Vanik Council presented an impressive talk on organ donation. Fuller details of this event were published in Gujarat Samachar and are provided in the link.


On 9 June 2019, a gathering of our community members took place at Navnat Centre, Hayes at which Vanik Council presented an impressive talk on organ donation. Fuller details of this event were published in Gujarat Samachar.

A full report of the Project is available to view by following the link. You may also view NHSBT report in relation to this Project. The report also provides the following links.

Click video to view explaining the process of donating a living organ.

Click on Living Donations for more information.

Click on Anaya Festive Video1 and Video2 Waiting for A Kidney

Vanik Council Chairman, Manharbhai Mehta launching our leaflet on Organ Donation entitled " Jain Initiative" Give a gift, Donate a Kidney at House of Commons. Various Committee Members attended the function. Sitting next to him is Lord Gadhia.

NHSBT Community Investment Scheme Project 2

Following the success of the first Project, Vanik Council successfully bid for funding the second Project. This project also conveyed the important message to donate organs and also brought to the attention of our community members the Law Change


Vanik Council - Virtual Annual Event

Vanik Council UK held an Annual Event on 12 December which was publicised extensively in our community. The purpose of the Annual Event was to encourage and highlight organ donation after death. The Event featured a stand up Comedienne and several dances. We need more organ donors in the UK and this Event provided a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about organ donation with our families and help save lives. We are most grateful for your support. More details of this event are provided on Annual Event - Organ Donation page

Jain Perspective

Several leaders of Jain Community were asked for their views on the Jain perspective of organ donation.

The Law Change

From 20 May 2020, the law regarding organ donation has changed. Click on the page :

Organ Donation : The Law Change for further information.


Click the following image to view another video on organ donation information. 







How to Register for Organ Donation
There are two ways of registering for organ donation.
1. You can request a Registration Form available from :
Manharbhai Mehta :
If you decide to obtain the Form directly from NHS or from other source, we request that when completing the Form, please change the Code in bottom right hand corner to 2923.
Please see the image of the Registration Form below:
2. Secondly, you can complete the Form online, by clicking on the link below:
























































For further information on organ donation, please contact:
Bhupen Vasa
Organ Donation Co-ordinator

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