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Health Seminars


Vanik Council UK organises various events on health matters from time to time. These events are of interest to our community and its members well being.  Sometimes, it holds these events using the platform of affiliated organisations. These events are advertised regularly by mail shots and on Upcoming Events page of this website.


Should any professional wish to promote awareness of a health topic, they are encouraged to contact


Health Awareness – Vanik Council provides this service so our community can be better informed and allow them to look after their health and wellbeing. It considers health education as very important and therefore organises Seminars, Events and circulates literature to ensure our members are informed with the latest information.

The service is particularly important as our community includes members who have high blood pressure, diabetes with a potential to developing other problems including kidney failures. The events include presentations from professionals (GPs Nephrologists, Consultants in General Medicine, Hospital coordinators, nurses, dieticians) and ensures the information presented is accurate and from an informed position.  The presentations are in English and Gujarati to ensure the audience has a clear understanding of the material that is presented.

The events that we hold are organised by our volunteers as part of our executive committee.

The Health Seminars focus on providing information that allows the community to take better care of themselves. The seminars target health conditions which are more prevalent within our community. The health seminars aim is to encourage people to actively participate in taking care of their own health. At a recent event on looking after your Kidneys we had over 200 people who attended the event. The Qs and As sessions that followed the event were very popular and showed the interest within our community.

Details of attendance and subject is shown below for some events held by Vanik Council.




Borough   Subject                         Speakers/Coordinator       Attendance

Brent         Breast Cancer

                 and Gastro

                 Enteritis reconstruction   Specialist consultants                 130


Hillingdon   Dementia                      Varsha Dodhia                           150


Harrow       Holistic Health

                 physical, mental

                 & Spiritual Health

                 + IAPT                        MIND Harrow, IAPT clinician         170


Redbridge  Cancer/ dental

                 illness                         Cancer research,

                                                   Dentist, Dr Shaine Mehta              270


Hillingdon   Heart disease              Cardiologist Amit Bakhai,

                                                  Dr Akash Gandhi                           200


Brent         Living Organ

                Donation and Kidney


                Diet for kidney patients  Kirit Modi

                                                   (President Kidney Research)

                                                   Meena Modi                                140


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