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Speed Dating

Vanik Council (UK) has successfully run events for Singles since 1982. Speed Dating events take place in major cities in the UK, twice a year and are open to Jains and Gujarati Hindus of all ages.

Next Event


To be announced


We invite boys and girls of all age groups from three months prior to the event. To achieve 250+ candidates we give early-bird incentives: the earlier you book, the lower the cost. See the Poster below for more details.


Details - what you can expect

Once we receive your application form, we send confirmation by e-mail. Nearer the time we give clear instructions for dress code, parking and food.


Behind the scenes we will be:

  • allocating every participant to their various speed dating groups (which will be done according to age groups)

  • preparing lists of participants and their details to hand out to everyone on the day

  • preparing badges for identification

  • preparing forms for you to return to us with your choices of potential partners

  • we will take a fresh photo on the day which will be provided as part of the result, together with all the usual information 


On the day

  • We give everyone a badge with name and colour code

  • We will take a photo of everyone who is present and will be provided with the result.

  • We also give general details of all attendees and a tick form before speed dating starts. We divide all attendees into six or more groups of 20+ men and 20+ women

  • Each date will last 2 -3 minutes

  • You will be allocated to a group matched closely by age

  • There will probably be two rounds of speed dating

  • After the two rounds, a meal will be provided and free time to mingle

  • For those who are older, we will arrange for you to meet and socialise together in a separate room


After the event

  • We collect your tick sheets with your selections

  • We compile your matches and email you the results with a photo.

  • You are then free to communicate with your matches and hopefully form life-long friendships.


We appreciate your feedback following the event, and your support for future events. Please share any good news of engagements with us – we like to celebrate in your news and are pleased to hear that speed dating is working. Please e-mail your feedback.

Vanik Council also provides Matrimonial Service.

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