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Jain spiritual care in hospitals


In the UK, the association between religion and the care of the sick goes back hundreds of years.

Jaymanbhai Mehta, one of our Committee Members, has kindly written an article on End of Life Care.

Please read the article, to gain a greater insight on the type of care expected by patients in their final

stages of their life.

Additionally, Heena Modi has produced a useful toolkit on Death: what to do and how to manage.

Hope you find this useful.

Please do the following when providing spiriual care in hospital:

  1. Identify your faith/religion as Jain.

  2. Insist to be recorded as a Jain.

  3. Do not allow to record as any religion other than Jain.

  4. Ask nursing staff to call a 'Jain Spiritual carer' to your bedside for Jain religious sermons.


Chaplaincy Training


Any Jain or Hindu Vanik from anywhere in England interested  in learning Chaplaincy are requested to

send their names to Vanik Council UK at the earliest. Fore more information, please address your

requests to:

Vanik Council Chairman:


More information is given in the linked Chaplaincy Course handbook.




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