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Annual Event- Organ Donation on 12 December 2020

Thanks to all who attended Saturday’s event on MATV and Zoom. That showed your support to Vanik Council. 

We received messages that the event was very good.  

It delivered the message that we had planned to deliver, i.e., promotion of organ donation, awareness of Vanik Council's activities and information to the Jain community regarding the census in March 2021. 

The idea of this kind of event was conceived by Vijaybhai Sheth and after discussion at a brain storming meeting of the Committee on 11th October, the executives of VC started putting a plan together. 

It was decided to have a live show at MATV studio. Dancers were engaged for this. Saturday evening slot of Navnat Vanik Association’s virtual programme seemed ideal, so their support was sought, and they gladly provided the support of their Zoom team. 

Bhupenbhai Vasa coordinated all planning meetings and put together the evening’s schedule which proved to be very time effective. Anupbhai and Vijaybhai personally remained present at the MATV studio and coordinated the programme. Other speakers delivered their message from their own home. 

Purnimaben Mehta, Jaykumar Shah, Mahesh Gandhi and myself helped in planning during many virtual meetings. Meetings were held with Navnat Zoom team and MATV technicians to sort out all technicalities. 

Millie Banerjee, Chairman NHSBT, Navinbhai Shah of London Assembly and Nitinbhai Parekh, Mayor of Harrow accepted our invitation to be our guests and give their talk. 

Nalinbhai Udani and Bhartiben Shah were our guest speakers about organ donation. Nehal Mehta, our Vice-chair for North finally delivered the Vote of Thanks 

The leaders of our community were invited and many of them attended the event.  

The viewer all enjoyed the event that was broadcasted on MATV and relayed via Zoom. 

The artists were Jyotiben Trivedi’s Angel Dance Group, Richaben Shrivastav  (Compere & dancer) and Comedian Dr Avaniben Vyas from Rajkot. 

I think we have achieved the aim what we had set.  The viewing figures are Navnat Zoom 300, Navnat You Tube 150, MATV figures not available. These are the devices that joined, actual number of people will be more. Since the event over 1200 viewers have seen the programme on YouTube.

The event was also recorded on YouTube and is available to view on Navnat YouTube page and Vanik Council UK YouTube page. Those of you who have not watched this event are encouraged to do so. The link to this programme is provided below.


We know that many of you would have been encouraged by this programme and will have registered for organ donation. Those of you who have not but  wish to register, please go to to the page "How do I Register for Organ Donation"

Our thanks to all I have mentioned above and to all the viewers. 


Click following link to view the full Event

Click the following file to register for Organ Donation

How to Register for Organ Donation 

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